Our mission is to be of service, and to use our skills to elevate the voices that need to be elevated.

Soiled Doves will highlight the female experience, and shed a light on the inequality our heroes face-

not only due to their gender, but also their race, sexual preference, and social standing.

In a world where their options are restricted, our heroic women must create their own opportunities and work with one another, despite their differences.


Soiled Doves takes the blueprint of a typically male dominated genre and turns it on its head to create a fresh and timely Western, told through the lens of women of varying ages and ethnicities. With a new female protagonist every season, our story will allow the audience to experience the west from the feminine perspective. 


The idea for Soiled Doves came about when Rebecca had a dream about the three of us, dressed as saloon girls, kicking demon ass in the wild west. The story has since become grounded in the harsh reality of the time and the women who survived it all.

By exploring the duality of nature, we use the horror element as an allegory for women's issues. 


We have filmed a teaser at Paramount Ranch, a 13 episode web series in

Joshua Tree, Big Bear and a one bedroom apartment (transformed into 8 different locations!),

and raised $65,000 on Seed & Spark for a 6 day shoot in Yucca Valley. (Check out our S&S campaign here)

Recently, we have rewritten the story to be more in line with our mission of telling ALL women's stories.


Over the past 10 years, we have experienced many highs and lows with this project. Both have made us stronger and more committed to the story and the women than ever. We are excited to bring Soiled Doves to the world!




From Houston, Texas

Likes romance novels and a good sushi happy hour.
Dislikes messy cars and cucarachas.
Wishes for world peace and to be more flexible.




From Springfield, Missouri.

Likes sequins and naps.
Dislikes peas and wet socks.
Wishes she could teleport to Italy every night for dinner.




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Likes macro photography and the Colts.
Dislikes dry paper towels rubbing each other.

Wishes to witness the Night Ascent at the International Hot Air Balloon Festival.