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Three ladies dedicated to telling the stories of rad women.

Based out of Los Angeles, we will hug, smooch, and punch ya in the gut with our work.

The idea for Soiled Doves came about when Becca had a dream about the 3 of us, dressed as saloon girls, kicking demon ass in the wild west! The first script was 15 pages and read like a high school musical. Ha! With lots of hard work every Tuesday and Saturday night, we strengthened our writing muscles, and now the 3 main characters, Rosemary, Annette, and Dee (RAD), live in a realistic world full of beauty, danger, grit, and unease. This labor of love has taken us to creepy cabins in old ghost towns where fly strips hung over our bunk beds while we slept (pretty sure we swallowed a few). It has taught us about the overlooked pioneering women of the west and the sacrifices they made to survive frontier life. It has brought us the most inspiring, talented, and caring artists; a tribe that brought the world of Soiled Doves to life in a Teaser for the pilot at Paramount Ranch (also home of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman- yessss) and a 13 Episode Web Series in Joshua Tree, Big Bear, and a 1 bedroom apartment we transformed into 8 different locations. These shoots further helped us explore the characters more fully and refine the story of Soiled Doves to what it is today.

We have the passion, the drive, the experience, and megaLOVE for this story! We believe there is no one better to share Soiled Doves with the world than the three ladies that birthed, raised and continue to give our everything to it.


From Houston, Texas

Likes romance novels and a good sushi happy hour.
Dislikes messy cars and cucarachas.
Wishes for world peace and to be more flexible.


From Springfield, Missouri.

Likes sequins and naps. 
Dislikes peas and wet socks. 
Wishes her overweight cat would get a job to help pay rent.


From Indianapolis, Indiana

Likes macro photography and the Colts. 
Dislikes dry paper towels rubbing each other. 

Wishes to witness the Night Ascent at the International Hot Air Balloon Festival.

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